Industries We Serve

Motivair is a market leader in high efficiency chillers and cooling systems as well as a pioneer in innovative computer rack cooling systems. Our broad product offering of innovative cooling solutions serves our customers with maximized efficiencies and system uptime.

Motivair’s distribution network is geared toward serving our industry’s finest consulting engineers, design build contractors and business owners. We pride ourselves on building a personal connection with our clients and believe that even in today’s high-tech business environment, people still do business with people.

Many of our products were designed for use in mission critical applications. Motivair cooling solutions can be found in the world’s largest automotive factories such as Ford, General Motors and Toyota, in nuclear power plants, data centers, supercomputing facilities, hospitals, and food processing plants just to name a few.

Today, Motivair and its Chilled Door Rack Cooling System division continue its exceptional journey of growth throughout the world. Our commitment to driving our industry forward through new and innovative means has never been stronger and our group of dedicated employees is focused on continued service to our customers.

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