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Heat Dissipation Unit | HDU™

Many modern High-Performance Computer (HPC) systems are being designed to be liquid cooled. These computers circulate a fluid to and from the computer’s CPU and GPU chips, removing heat and rejecting it to a dedicated building chilled water plant. In the absence of available building cooling water, the heat from the computer cooling system must be rejected to air, a process that can now be facilitated by Motivair’s Heat Dissipation Unit (HDU™).

The Motivair HDU™ is connected directly to the computer cooling loop and sits adjacent to or proximate to the computer racks. Circulation pumps located inside the HDU™ move hot water from the computer system to the HDU’s air-cooled heat exchanger. High-efficiency EC fans draw cool room air across the HDU’s internal heat exchanger, removing heat from the computer cooling system. A high-powered PLC controls and monitors all aspects of HDU™ performance ensuring the HPC system can operate within thermal specifications and without dependence on a building water supply.

Key Reasons to Use a Motivair® HDU™

  • Location of liquid cooled system prevents water from being plumbed to the computers
  • Current cooling solution does not have enough capacity to absorb heat from the liquid cooled computer system
  • Chilled or cool water is not available at the site
  • Beta testing of liquid cooled computer systems prior to full scale deployment.

Key Industries: High-Perfomance Computing • Semiconductor • Data Center • Telecom • Colocation Data Ceter • Enterprise Data Center • Higher Education • Government

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