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Data Centers are faced with ever-changing thermal challenges as big data, artificial intelligence, robotics and the Exascale Era continue to evolve. Reaching these compute milestones means you need critical and consistent cooling. With that in place, the data and analytics generated allows businesses to increase production speeds, reduce costs and improve quality.

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Data Center Updates from Motivair

Analysis: What Dell's Study Means for Data Center Cooling

Power trends & available cooling technology limits are placing data centers in a more constrained position. Learn what that means for data center cooling

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What is the Data Center Thermal Squeeze?

A recent Dell Technologies study shows the complex thermal challenges data centers are facing. Learn more about the data center thermal squeeze here.

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Dell: Single-Phase DLC Most Effective Cooling Solution

A new Dell Technologies study finds Single-Phase Direct Liquid Cooling the most thermally effective compared to four other cooling methods.

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Data Center Options

MPC-W | Compact Water-Cooled Chillers PDF 1.1 MB January 2021 DOWNLOAD
ChilledDoor® Rack Cooling System PDF 0 MB January 2022 DOWNLOAD
Closed Loop Cooling Systems| Pump Stations PDF 0.8 MB January 2020 DOWNLOAD
Coolant Distribution Units (CDU) PDF 3.5 MB April 2022 DOWNLOAD
Dynamic Cold Plates PDF 0 MB June 2022 DOWNLOAD
Heat Dissipation Unit (HDU) PDF 3.8 MB April 2023 DOWNLOAD
Heat Recovery Chillers MHR 200-950 PDF 1.4 MB October 2019 DOWNLOAD
In-Rack Heat Dissipation Unitâ„¢ PDF 0 MB April 2023 DOWNLOAD
MHP | Air Source | 2 Pipe and 4 Pipe PDF 0 MB January 2021 DOWNLOAD
MHR | Air Cooled and Water-Cooled Heat Recovery Chillers PDF 0 MB January 2021 DOWNLOAD
MLC-A | Air-Cooled Chillers PDF 1.4 MB January 2021 DOWNLOAD
MLC-AD | Adiabatic Chillers PDF 1.4 MB January 2021 DOWNLOAD
MLC-FC | Free-Cooling Chillers PDF 1.4 MB January 2021 DOWNLOAD
MLC-SC-A | Air-Cooled Scroll Chillers PDF 0 MB January 2021 DOWNLOAD
MLC-SC-FC | Free-Cooling Scroll Chillers PDF 0 MB January 2021 DOWNLOAD
MLT-A | Centricor Chiller w/ Turbocor Compressors PDF 1.7 MB January 2021 DOWNLOAD
Modular HPC Data Center PDF 0 MB November 2019 DOWNLOAD
MPC-FC | Free-Cooling Chillers PDF 0 MB January 2020 DOWNLOAD

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