Motivair Cooling Solutions

Break Through Liquid Cooling Boundaries

Motivair's Dynamic® Cold Plate represents the next phase of delivering effective, reliable liquid cooling at the chip level. Our technology offers resilient thermal performance while minimizing the risk of fluid contamination and supply chain disruptions.

Water Quality Resilience

Robust Performance

End-to-End USA Value Chain

Dynamic® Cold Plate Portfolio

Motivair’s Dynamic® Cold Plate harnesses innovative fluid dynamics to redefine direct liquid cooling. Our patented technology enables robust performance and allows CPUs, GPUs, & FPGAs to operate at peak performance while reducing the possibility of cooling degradation and costly system failures.

The free-flowing nature of the Dynamic® Cold Plate accelerates any system particles preventing them from depositing on the cold plate.

This simple yet effective technology is optimized for cost efficient and scalable production, targeted specifically for High-Performance Computing, small to larger clusters and Exascale class systems. All products are engineered and manufactured in the USA, ensuring a predictable, end to end experience while eliminating the risks of foreign supply chain disruptions.

Thermal Strategies & Technologies for Comprehensive End-to-End Solutions

Fueled by ever-rising consumer need for e-commerce, big data applications, and the explosive growth of artificial intelligence, businesses need to find ways to leverage high-performance computing now for enterprise operations to deliver on big demands.

With each new technological advancement or data center refresh cycle comes a new need for power to drive that innovation. The latest generation of CPUs and GPUs are consuming over 300 watts, and soon will be using upwards of 500-750 watts, and +1,000-watt packages are already being developed.

The limits of air cooling are here and gone. As liquid cooling becomes the dominant leader in combating thermal challenges, implementing the right end-to-end cooling solution has never been more critical.

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