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Innovate. Design. Apply.

Who We Are

We are a global company, dedicated to the design and production of mission critical cooling systems. Our aim is to meet or exceed our industry’s expectations and the high standards we set for ourselves in every aspect of our business both today and for the future.

Industries We Serve

Motivair is always working to make our customer’s mission critical facilities, processes and buildings run better, more efficiently and more reliably. We partner with customers and industry leaders in multiple markets to study challenges they face and then design and create solutions for those challenges.

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Cool News

US Department of Energy and Intel to Deliver First Exascale Supercomputer
Just for reference: An exaflop is a billion billion (i.e. a quintillion) calculations per second. Your average CPU does about 100 or more gigaflops. A thousand gigaflops is a teraflop,... READ MORE
Motivair CDU featured in NREL Study
Motivair Cooling Solutions’ Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU) was featured in a recent National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Fixed Cold Plate study. Aquila, as part of a partnership with Sandia... READ MORE
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