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Reliable cooling technology serves as a critical resource that directly impacts product and quality, leading to reduced waste and increased output. Cooling system data can be recorded and analyzed in real time, allowing operators to trend and adjust facility operations to maximize uptime and reduce operating costs. By integrating and analyzing production line data, improvements can be made plant-wide on quality, costs, waste.

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Food Processing Updates from Motivair

Motivair Relocates Corporate Headquarters

Motivair Corporation recently relocated its corporate headquarters to a larger 50,000 SF facility, with plans to expand up to 100,000 SF

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COVID-19: Motivair to Continue Operations

Motivair will continue to monitor the global situation with COVID-19 and act as needed to keep our people, customers, and partners safe and healthy.

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Motivair launches new Modular Heat Pump at 2020 AHR Expo

Modular Low Ambient Air Source Heat Pump can help meet design requirements for decarbonization & electrification. Delivers 110*F hot water at 5*F

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Food Processing Options

MPC-W | Compact Water-Cooled Chillers PDF 1 MB April 2020 DOWNLOAD
Closed Loop Cooling Systems| Pump Stations PDF 0.8 MB January 2020 DOWNLOAD
CTC | Low Temperature Process Chillers PDF 0 MB October 2019 DOWNLOAD
Heat Recovery Chillers MHR 200-950 PDF 1.4 MB October 2019 DOWNLOAD
MHR | Air Cooled and Water-Cooled Heat Recovery Chillers PDF 1.3 MB January 2020 DOWNLOAD
MLC-A | Air-Cooled Chillers PDF 1.2 MB October 2019 DOWNLOAD
MLC-AD | Adiabatic Chillers PDF 1.2 MB October 2019 DOWNLOAD
MLC-FC | Free-Cooling Chillers PDF 1.2 MB October 2019 DOWNLOAD
MLC-SC-A | Air-Cooled Scroll Chillers PDF 1.5 MB October 2019 DOWNLOAD
MLC-SC-FC | Free-Cooling Scroll Chillers PDF 1.5 MB April 2020 DOWNLOAD
MPC-A | Air-Cooled Chillers PDF 0 MB January 2020 DOWNLOAD
MPC-FC | Free-Cooling Chillers PDF 0 MB January 2020 DOWNLOAD

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