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Motivair has been a leading supplier of Mission Critical cooling systems for data centers, medical facilities, industrial production plants, federal and higher education institutions, and commercial buildings for over 30 years. The ChilledDoor® cools the most sophisticated computers and data centers in the world by providing industry leading cooling capacity. We do this by providing controlled, efficient, minimally invasive cooling at the rack level. The ChilledDoor® is a great addition to any IT reseller whose solution portfolios include high performance computing, big data, high performance storage, or data center infrastructure services. As power and performance increase so does heat. Legacy methods can be extremely costly to remove the heat caused by next generation hardware. Take advantage of the growing need for cooling upgrades by adding the ChilledDoor® to your portfolio.


  • Offer data center centric solution offerings including but not limited to power, cooling, HPC, big data, server, and storage.
  • Be focused in federal, life sciences, oil and gas, higher education, financial, automotive, aerospace, or large enterprise verticals.
  • Motivair reseller agreement completed.
  • Training required to ensure understanding of the ChilledDoor® product from a sales and technical perspective.


  • Attractive Discount
  • Deal Registration
  • Access to latest marketing collateral and sales presentations via a partner login.
  • Additional discounts will be awarded for uncovering new business and involving Motivair in the sales process. We strive to ensure those that are doing the work are properly protected.
  • Website logo exclusive to Authorized Partners.
  • Website materials for advertising of Motivair products.
  • Pre and post-sales technical support.
  • Sales and technical enablement training as needed.
  • Use of Motivair demo center for proof of concept and training.
  • Motivair turnkey installation services including start up and commissioning.
  • Recurring revenue stream via preventative maintenance contracts.
  • Motivair participation in end user demand generation activities.

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