About Us

Our focus is cooling industries. Our Business is Cooling Yours.™

Our Focus

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here and Motivair is uniquely positioned to support its continued evolution. Our wide range of products are focused on providing customized cooling solutions for the critical infrastructure and technology behind the world’s leading businesses, allowing them to offer better products and services while generating higher revenues and profits for their investors.

The Era of IoT

The impact of big data, artificial intelligence and robotics continues to present across all industry sectors creating new and soon to be discovered markets. Data and analytics are allowing businesses to increase production speeds, reduce costs and improve quality at rates never seen before. This increase in productivity is creating thermal challenges that Motivair is already addressing inside factories, power plants, research laboratories, data centers, super computers and more. Simply put, our position as a cooling solution provider has never been more relevant.

Building Value

As companies continue to innovate, we in turn have done the same, often finding that research and development in one area fuels advancements in others. Innovation by nature creates new opportunity and being able to customize our cooling solutions to meet customer’s needs makes us unique. By asking the right questions of all major stake holders and seeking a true understanding of what each customer is trying to accomplish at the outset of an engagement (project), we can assist in helping them mitigate risks and ensure more successful outcomes.

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