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The Motivair ChilledDoor® Rack Cooling System is an active rear door heat exchanger that is mounted directly to the back of any standard server rack.

It can operate in two different environments, air cooling a server or deploying direct liquid cooling.

Air Cooling: Cool facility water is pumped through the RDHx while room air is pulled into the cabinet via fans, collecting heat as it passes through the servers towards a heat exchanger. The heat is transferred to the coolant inside the heat exchanger and sent out to the facility’s chilled water source. Cool air is exhausted back to the room at a predetermined set point ensuring room neutral cooling and 100% of heat going to liquid.

Air-Assisted Liquid Cooling: Data centers can use RDHxs in conjunction with direct liquid cooled (DLC) servers. When coupled with floor mount or in-rack Coolant Distribution Units and In-Rack Manifolds, an RDHx functions as a part of a custom water-cooled loop, cooling the entire rack. Coolant is safely and reliably pumped through the chip to the heat exchanger and back to the CDU. All heat from the rack is extracted into liquid and returned to the facility’s chilled water source.

Designed for and used by the world’s preeminent enterprise data center and supercomputer owners and operators, the ChilledDoor allows for on-demand cooling on a per rack, row or room level ensuring optimal computer performance and maximum uptime.

  • 0-75kW cooling capacity with 100% Heat Removal
  • Designed to fit any industry standard server rack – Open19 and OCP compliant
  • High powered adjustable PLC control system for active cooling of server racks

Key Industries: Artificial Intelligence • High-Performance Computing • Semiconductor • Data Center • Telecom • Colocation Data Center • Hyperscale Data Center • Enterprise Data Center • Higher Education • Government

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  • Available remote monitoring interface
  • High quality sheet metal casing with 95-degree door swing
  • High efficiency integrated heat exchanger
  • Up to 5 hot swappable centrifugal fans which allow for quick replacement and scalability
  • EC Motor design with low energy consumption
  • Mission critical redundancy
  • Leak Prevention System/detection
  • Optional Quick connect hoses for fast and simple installation
  • Made in USA
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