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May 13th, 2020

3 Factors to Consider When Working With Heat Pumps

Motivair’s Heat Pump Technology is helping lead the way in an ever-changing industry focusing on more green initiatives. Our 2-Pipe, 4-Pipe, and Modular options are designed for clients looking for a simple and reliable product to both heat and cool their building.

In an effort to combat greenhouse gases and carbon footprint, industry trends are leading away from use of natural gas and focusing on the use of electrification. This decarbonization effort has led to an increased need of heat pump technology.

Here are three factors to consider when evaluating heat pump technology:
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While moderate climates are most favorable for traditional heat pump technology, Motivair's expansive range also implements technology for cold and cooler climates. Motivair's MHP-LA can provide 100-degree hot water at -5F winter design ambient.

A standard air-cooled heat pump is typically limited to areas that have mild winters but not cold winters. Motivair designed its Low Ambient Heat Pump to operate in a colder climate, expanding the geographical range where this can be used.

Its modular function gives designers the ability to implement the solution to a broader range of buildings from a capacity standpoint in increments of their choice. And it has the added benefit of high levels of uptime with its modular design.

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Optimizing building efficiencies requires reliable simultaneous heating and cooling. Motivair's 2 and 4-pipe technology allows for precise system control of both hot and cold-water production in a single chiller plant.

Capacities of MHP 2 pipe are 15-240 tons; it’s 4-Pipe technology ranges from 15-120 tons.

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Both hot and cold-water demand is dynamic and ever changing. Building design envelopes have dynamic hot and cold water demands. These dynamic and sometimes sudden changes require precise control logic in a heat pump unit.

To ensure smooth operation and prevent "hunting," sufficient loop volume on both hot and cold water systems allow for seamless rotation between hot water production, cold water production, and both simultaneously.

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