Modular Low Ambient Air Source Heat Pump

Thermal Management

Modular Low Ambient Air Source Heat Pump

The Motivair MHP-LA is a modular Air to Water Heat Pump chiller that has been optimized for clients requiring reliable year-round heating. This unique design can offer up to 110°F hot water when winter ambient temperatures fall to 5°F.

Although revolutionary, this product is simple and reliable to both heat and cool buildings. Ideal for 2-pipe systems, the MHP-LA modules span from 18-30 tons and can be paired together achieve a total capacity of 240 tons with a single power connection.

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•Complete charge of R-410A environmentally friendly refrigerant.
•Electronic Expansion Valve
•High efficiency scroll compressors with vapor injection
•Brazed plate evaporators
•Low noise EC Condenser fan speed control
•Fan assemblies with TEAO motors, sickle cut composite fan blades and high strength safety guards
•Powerful, easy to use, non-proprietary PLC
•Easily adjustable control set points
•Intelligent defrost cycle
•Reliable heating down to 5°F
•Baked powder epoxy coat paint finish for long lasting attractive look.
•Standard weather-proof enclosure
•Simple service can be performed by any qualified refrigeration technician
•Cloud based cellular remote monitoring
•Integrated flow switch

•Expandable up to 8 modules
•Individual module hydronic isolation valves
•Hydronic solenoid valve for variable pumping
•Single or redundant circulation pump(s) module
•Low Noise Package
•Condenser coil hail/filter protection
•Remote control panel
•Communication cards for connection to customer building management system

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