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November 14th, 2019

Letter from the CEO: We're Cooling The Next Era of Supercomputers

In 2015 we embarked on a journey to develop new, world-class products, modernize our product portfolio and change the dynamic of how we approach our markets. Today, I’m proud to announce Motivair's success with these goals, most notably with the official release of our Exascale-Class Coolant Distribution Units.


As the world prepared for advances in technology, Motivair was presented with a challenge to design a cooling system for an advanced class of supercomputer that had yet to be designed and based on technology that was still being developed at the time. This new era of supercomputing would be called Exascale and became a focus point of the global high-performance computing community.

An Exascale System today would be quantified as having the power to process one billion computations per second to the billionth power. To put this in context, just one of these systems, of which there will be three by 2022, has the power to process 8 million years’ worth of tweets in a single second. Harnessing unprecedented computing power like that allows for unmatched advancements in research and development in areas such as advanced medicine, new materials, power, AI, and defense.

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In July , the United States began awarding contracts to vendors that could help it achieve its race to Exascale. Motivair is beyond proud to announce that it will be cooling the first three of their kind Exascale-Class systems manufactured by Cray, now Hewlett Packard Enterprises, that will be installed in strategic national laboratories around the country.

This marks a milestone both in computing power and the way supercomputers are cooled, a coveted title held by Motivair but earned through the hard work and dedication of our entire team. Our Exascale-Class CDUs and supporting products now stand unparalleled on the global stage touting advanced control and communication functions as well as benchmarked thermal performance that exceeded our highest expectations.


While a dedicated team endeavored to develop our Exascale technology, others here at Motivair were tasked with evaluating the markets we serve and developing new products and or features that would best serve our customers. Over the years it became clear to us that our future lies in our greatest strength: Listening to our customers' needs and responding with comprehensive, reliable cooling systems that business owners, CEOs, and Board of Directors could rely on to keep their critical business operational.

This is where our tag line “Our Business is Cooling Yours” was drawn from. A mission statement that clearly speaks to businesses and customers with vital systems that generate heat and must be cooled in order to operate.

Under the Motivair flagship we believe in our ability to communicate with the markets we choose to serve and bring solutions to their greatest thermal challenges. Our Exascale-Class products will be officially launched at this year’s Super Computing conference in Denver, Colorado. We will also unveil a turnkey HPC data center solution, designed to solve what we believe is a huge roadblock to broad scale deployment of HPC around the world.

In January 2020, we will also release a new product targeting the modern design and construction of large commerical buildings for improved efficiencies in both heating and cooling. Our engineers have once again risen to the occasion and will be able to discuss these new products at the AHR Expo in Orlando in January.

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How we communicate to our customers is just as important as to how we listen to them. As a company, we have continued to reflect on this point and have learned that it’s important to ask a lot of questions and then ask even more.

Only by engaging in deep evaluation of what our customers true needs are can we hope to provide the best solutions or in some case determine that we may not be the best fit for their needs. In either case we aim to build long term relationships that bring value to the bottom line and the best way we know how to do that is through the passionate pursuit of knowledge and understanding.

President and CEO

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