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October 29th, 2019

Exascale Innovation

The era of Exascale is here. And Motivair is cooling it.

Since May 2019, three Exascale supercomputers have been announced under development in the United States. This trifecta of supercomputers – El Capitan for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Aurora at Argonne National Laboratory, and Frontier at Oak Ridge National Laboratory – will help change how we analyze massive volumes of data and more realistically simulate complex processes.

At a quintillion (10^18) calculations per second, Exascale supercomputers will more accurately simulate processes involved in climate change, advanced medicine, nuclear energy and so much more.

For reference, an exaflop is a billion billion (i.e. a quintillion) calculations per second.

Think of it this way: As our colleagues at Cray put it recently, El Capitan has the power to process 8 million years’ worth of tweets in a single second. Harnessing that type of computing power requires enormous amounts of energy – and cooling.

Exascale Approved

That’s where Motivair comes in.

Unlike its standard Coolant Distribution Units, Motivair’s Exascale-Class CDUs are customized to allow for direct communication with both the supercomputer and the building’s primary cooling infrastructure, which ensures reliable operation and maximum efficiency. Multiple levels of redundancy, resiliency and safeties have been built in to support and protect these incredibly complex systems.

“Design and development for our Exascale-Class CDU’s began back in 2015 and has continued to evolve with advancements in CPU and GPU processing power. Our role as experts in mission critical cooling has never been more evident as we continue to literally bridge the gap between IT and infrastructure,” Motivair CEO and President Rich Whitmore said. “We are tremendously proud to carry the responsibility of cooling these systems and to be doing our small part to help change the world.”

Read more from CEO Rich Whitmore About Our Journey to Exascale

Motivair’s CDUs are designed to control and separate colder, impure facility water supplies from the specialty coolants used in IT cooling infrastructure. This action of decoupling allows the CDU to accurately monitor and control the flow and temperature of coolants to all types of Direct Liquid Cooling (Direct-to-Chip or On-Chip) as well as Active and Passive Rear Door Heat Exchangers.

Motivair’s cooling technology can be found in the worlds first Exascale supercomputers as well as multiple Top 500 Supercomputer systems. To learn more about the first three US-based Exascale computers how they will be changing our world, click the links below:

El Capitan



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