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November 1st, 2022

Motivair to Exhibit Liquid Cooling Technology at SC22

DALLAS, Texas, Nov. 1, 2022 – Motivair Corporation, the global leader and innovator in cooling digital infrastructure, will showcase its portfolio of Dynamic™ Cold Plates at SC22, the international conference for high performance computing, networking, storage, and analysis.

Attendees can also visit booth #1825 to see displays of its Coolant Distribution Units (CDUs), the ChilledDoor®, its comprehensive End-to-End Liquid Cooling Portfolio designed exclusively for HPC, AI and Big Data users, and Motivair’s In-Rack Heat Dissipation Unit (HDU™).

Dynamic™ Cold Plates: Scalable technology that delivers thermal performance up to +1,000 watts per processor. The patent -pending technology allows CPUs, GPUs, and APUs to operate at peak performance.
• Thermally targeted cold plate technology that’s unique for each processor SKU
• Scalable performance designed to enable multiple product generation roadmaps
• Available for the following processors: AMD SP5 Genoa and SP3 Milan, Intel Sapphire Rapids and Ice Lake, and NVIDIA SXM4, and customer-specified FPGAs, or custom silicon.

The Widest Range of CDUs: Cool up to 2.3MW with Motivair’s portfolio of CDUs. Motivair’s CDUs represent the widest range and highest capacity of standard and custom OEM CDUs available.

Motivair’s ChilledDoor®: Server and rack agnostic active rear door heat exchanger that cools rack densities up to 75 kW per rack. Ideal for air-cooled, high-wattage processors like Intel Ice lake and sapphire rapids.

Custom End-to-End Cooling Systems: Motivair’s End-to-End Liquid Cooling Systems are all-in-one direct liquid cooling solution. All products, including Coolant Distribution Units (CDUs), HDUs™, In-Rack Manifolds, Cooling Loops, Hose Kits, are designed and manufactured in the USA for the world’s most advanced HPC, AI, and Exascale-class systems.

In-Rack Heat Dissipation Unit (HDU™): Motivair’s In-Rack HDU™ delivers mission-critical liquid cooling where facility water is not available. This unit circulates fluid to direct liquid-cooled cold plate technology, cooling designated chips and rejecting removed heat to the surrounding air.

Motivair’s diverse range of Liquid Cooling and Data Center & IT Cooling technology provides mission critical businesses and innovation leaders reliable cooling technology and digital infrastructure shaping our world. Its technologies are featured in numerous Top500 supercomputers around the globe.

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About Motivair Corporation
Motivair enables industry leaders to push the boundaries of what’s possible by leveraging over 30 years of insights and innovations creating dependable mission critical cooling systems. Based in Buffalo, NY, Motivair creates, develops, and manufactures high-density computer cooling systems and a portfolio of specialty chillers that cool vital industries and propel the world’s most complex and advanced technologies. Its technologies are featured in numerous Top500 supercomputers around the globe. For more information, visit

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