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May 24th, 2021

3 Ways Modular Data Centers Help Meet Growing Demand

As the need for efficient modern data centers increases to meet evolving business and IT demands, end users and building owners need to get more creative with solutions. A prefabricated modular data center is the answer: A securely contained, scalable, flexible environment for high-performance computing.

Motivair’s modular data center is a turnkey, plug-and-play data center. This purpose-built high-performance solution affords you speed to market, improved server performance, profitability, and uptime. It also eliminates risks associated with local jurisdictional codes and compliance, schedule, and cost creep.

Here are three factors why Motivair’s Modular Data Center can help end users with growing data center demands:

Low Deployment Time
Speed to market is important in any business. With a modular data center, you can run multiple operations on parallel paths, decreasing your time to deployment.

Modular data centers come custom configured to your specifications. Engineering and testing is performed off site while the outer structure is constructed. That means the unit arrives ready to be powered up and commissioned.

Unlike typical new-build data center construction you have now dramatically cut your installation time – removing on-site construction, approvals, building permits and site preparations by using a modular solution.
IN THE NEWS: Motivair Launches Modular Data Center

Flexibility and Scalability
Prefabricated Data Centers can be shipped anywhere in the world for addition, integration, or modification of your existing data center footprint.

You can use any IT, power, rack or security vendor to accomplish your design, mission, or budgetary needs. Motivair’s Modular Data Center is backed by our ChilledDoor®, Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU), Dynamic Cold Plate™ liquid cooling technology. Each system can be equipped with Motivair's integrated Free-Cooling Chiller technology or warm water fluid cooling systems for maximum uptime and efficiency.

Scaling up simply requires more modules. Our system is designed to add modules with zero operational downtime to create contiguous areas & unlimited footprints on demand.
Learn more about ChilledDoor® | Learn more about Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU)

High Density & Low PUE
Where traditional brick and mortar data centers are limited by preexisting/legacy design, our modular data center can accommodate power densities of up to 75 kw/rack in air cooled systems and 150 kw/rack for modern liquid-cooled supercomputers and HPC clusters.

Unlike having to source multiple components from a variety of vendors at a variety of costs, your modular data center comes is all-in-one resource: It comes complete with network connections, storage, power lines, monitoring units, fire detection units, software, security, cooling, and everything else you would expect from a modern data center.

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