Closed Loop Cooling Systems

Plate and Frame Systems

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Motivair Plate and Frame systems are a combination of a stainless steel plate and frame heat exchanger, mounted on a common skid with a closed loop fluid circulation pump and control panel. The raw water is passed through one side of the exchanger, while the pump forces a closed circuit water or glycol solution through the clean side. In this way, the raw water cools the closed loop fluid, which in turn cools the heat load, without any risk of equipment contamination.

Optional duplex pumps, and heat exchangers provide added redundancy, and allow one exchanger to be disassembled for cleaning while the other is in service. The limitation of a Plate and Frame cooling system is the fluid can be cooled to within a few degrees of the raw water temperature. Visit our pages on dry fluid coolers, closed loop evaporative towers, and air cooled chillers if other fluid temperatures are required.

  • Pre-Fabricated design allows for predictable performance once on sight
  • Wide range of approved vendors and materials gives the consulting engineer and customer the ability to design a pump station and heat exchanger package built for the application
  • Available PLC control package
  • Available VFD pump speed control.
  • Ideal for utilizing existing cold water sources such as lake & river water, cooling tower water and chiller plants to cool processes on a decoupled, clean closed loop.
  • Robust industrial skid
  • Closed or open loop design
  • High efficiency Stainless steel plate design with removable plates and serviceable gaskets
  • Complete package includes heat exchanger(s), Pump(s) and control panel
  • Plate and Frame designed per application
  • Wide range of capacities and pump HP
  • N+1 or 2N redundant designs available
  • Optional PLC control system.