Air Cooled Chillers

Heat Recovery Chillers

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The worlds HVAC markets are always looking for ways to improve efficiency. Motivair’s Air-Cooled Heat Recovery chillers can provide chilled water and hot water simultaneously allowing for unparalleled EER and COP performance. In essence the building owner gets heat energy at virtually no cost.

Air-Cooled Heat Recovery Chillers
The MHR-A air cooled heat recovery chillers are ideal for use in buildings with simultaneous cooling and heating loads such as hospitals, hotels and higher education buildings. The most recent global energy codes are requiring heat recovery in many areas of design which again puts Motivair ahead of the curve.

  • Ideal for buildings or processes with simultaneous heating and cooling loads
  • Available Heat Recovery of more than 75% heat recovery from the process
  • Variable heat recovery from 0-100% of design without affecting chiller operation
  • Ideal for LEED project designs
  • Variable hot water temperature up to 130F
  • 60-500 tons
  • Screw & Scroll Compressor options
  • Shell & Tube or Stainless Steel brazed plate evaporator design
  • Tube & Fin Condenser
  • Simultaneous Heating and Cooling operation with 75% or more heat recovery capacity
  • Hot Water up to 130F
  • Available Integrated Pump Packages