Air Cooled Chillers

Free Cooling Chillers

From original design inception more than a decade ago, Motivair Free Cooling chillers were created to serve year round mission critical cooling loads for data centers and process manufacturing. Generations of Free Cooling chiller software design and implementation allow for optimal water side economizing hours, rapid restart after power failure, and tight temperature control during extreme year round weather patterns.

Free Cooling chillers from Motivair feature a proprietary coil design that functions as a condenser during summer months and a water side economizing coil during cooler seasonal weather. This feature alone sets the Motivair systems apart from others in the industry who aim to stack coils or bolt on separate coils resulting in lower efficiencies and after market service challenges. Additional product highlights include variable speed drive condenser fans with heavy duty fan blades and low noise packages that can greatly reduce operating noise.

Motivair offers its’ Integrated Free Cooling system in chillers from 7.5 – 500 tons utilizing scroll, rotary screw and oil free centrifugal compressor systems. Optimized performance packages are available upon request which allow Motivair to tailor Free Cooling output and efficiencies to best suit the customer’s unique needs.

  • Enterprise Grade design
  • Integrated Free Cooling system utilizing proprietary coil profile developed specifically for Free Cooling chillers
  • Mission Critical Design for the world’s most demanding facilities
  • Industry leading software control package designed specifically for Free Cooling chiller operation
  • Ability to provide both “Partial” and 100% Free-Cooling
  • Integrated “By-Pass” system for extreme low ambient operation
  • Rapid restart feature
  • Robust Variable Speed Condenser/Free Cooling fans
  • Screw & Scroll Compressor Options
  • 5 – 500 Tons Capacities
  • Shell & Tube or SS Braised Plate Evaporator Options
  • Air-Cooled Condenser with low noise, TEAO Fan motors
  • Integrated Free Cooling Circuit
  • VFD Fan Speed Control
  • High Powered PLC control system with remote monitoring capabilities
  • Integrated Storage Tank Option
  • Integrated Primary Pump(s) Option
  • Refrigerant Options:  R-134A, R-410A
  • Power:  460/3/60, 380/3/50, 575/3/60
  • ETL, CSA, CE Certified
  • Custom Options:
    • Stainless Steel Enclosure
    • Low Noise Options