Closed Loop Cooling Systems

Evaporative Towers

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Motivair closed loop evaporative fluid cooling systems are a combination of an outside cooler, and a pumping station to circulate a glycol solution between the cooler and the equipment to be cooled. The limitation of an evaporative fluid cooling system is the fluid can be cooled to 5°F -10°F above the prevailing ambient air wet bulb temperature.

Visit our pages on Dry Fluid Coolers and Plate and Frame systems if higher or lower fluid temperatures are required.

The closed loop fluid passes through a heavy gauge steel tube heat exchanger over which a pump continuously sprays water. A water make-up valve maintains the spray water level in the pump. Centrifugal or axial fans simultaneously force atmospheric air across the coil. This causes partial evaporation of the spray water, which in turn cools the closed loop fluid inside the tubes. This evaporative cooling process employs the latent heat of vaporization of the spray water to lower the closed loop fluid temperature below the prevailing dry bulb atmospheric air temperature.

In this way, the ambient air, spray water, or water treatment chemicals are never allowed to pollute the closed loop fluid. This virtually eliminates the maintenance and repair costs for compressor intercoolers, etc. by excluding harmful contaminants from the system. The entire cooler assembly is housed in a structural steel enclosure that is hot dip galvanized after fabrication for extended service life.

Pump Stations To Drive Your Process
The pumping station is supplied with one or two pumps, expansion tank, isolation valves, automatic air purger and vent, temperature and pressure gauges, plus a NEMA 4 electrical enclosure, which also controls the fans and spray pump on the evaporative cooling tower. Duplex pumps are supplied with a lead-lag switch, check valves, pressure differential switch, auto-change and alarm.

  • Galvanized steel frame for extended life
  • Wide range of operating conditions
  • Low Ambient staging of fans, spray and optional sump heater
  • Stand-alone Pump Station Packages
  • 25-300 Ton Capacity
  • Closed Loop tubular heat exchanger
  • Updraft design
  • Hot dipped galvanized construction
  • Sump with optional antifreeze heater
  • Recirculating spray pump
  • Discharge mist eliminator