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August 3rd, 2022

Nine Advantages to Using Motivair's Client Services Group

Choosing the right Motivair technology for your facility is only the first step in a successful project. Once your new equipment arrives, it’s important that it gets installed and commissioned correctly in a timely manner to keep the project on schedule and on budget.

Unplanned downtimes cost an estimated $50 billion every year, according to Deloitte. That’s why it’s imperative to have your equipment installed, commissioned, and routinely maintained.

Your business depends not only on Motivair’s technology but also our ability to respond to your immediate operational needs. Motivair’s Client Services Group can help you anticipate risk, minimize disruption, and keep your critical technology optimized.

Here are 9 Advantages to using Motivair’s Client Services team:

Professional Services
Many organizations source out related technical, operational, or consulting services due to resources or budget constraints. Motivair provides Professional Services to augment the successful planning and implementation of your mission critical installation.

Project Management
Motivair’s project management service oversees all phases of your new technology, streamlining all aspects of the project scope for a seamless turnkey implementation.

Site Survey
Site Survey is a critical inspection that can help a customer avoid costly delays. Motivair technicians walk the physical site and compare material lists needed, ensuring all the necessary components and equipment are ready for the installation.

Install Services
Rather than subbing out to a general contractor, utilizing factory-certified technicians allows clients to gain greater benefits earlier in the post-sale service process. Factory-certified technicians have a greater depth of knowledge, capabilities, and the system’s limitations. Additionally, using Motivair’s Factory Certified Start-Up technicians ensure full product warranty.

System Start-up
With initial start-up of your Motivair technology, Client Services Group’s Certified Factory Start-Up technicians ensure equipment is installed correctly, to full product specifications, and in accordance with client submittals.

• Pre-Startup checklist ensures product has been installed correctly
• Multi-point start-up procedure
• Powered up run test ensures all components are operating per factory specification
• Client sign off ensures full customer satisfaction

Commissioning Assistance
Motivair can provide support for third-party commissioning agents during the validation process, fine tuning equipment and adjusting set points, ensuring optimal performance.

Preventative Maintenance
Initiating a regular preventative maintenance program creates a proactive approach to limiting costly downtime and possibly preventing failures before they could occur.
In 2020, 76% of companies in the manufacturing industry worldwide prioritized preventive maintenance, according to a 2020 study by Plant Engineering. Meanwhile, 60% of manufacturing companies still performed reactive maintenance.

Maintaining critical equipment is important to ensure reliable operation and optimal product efficiencies. A Motivair Preventative Maintenance program allows you to address potential problems before they occur and schedule tailored solutions to coincide with your site requirements.

Time and Material Repairs
In addition to install and start up services, Motivair can dispatch factory-certified technicians for on-site repairs. This approach allows Motivair to stay up-to-date on your equipment and parts needs, allowing clients a deeper access to solutions – gauging a component-related issue or installation issue – thanks to our relationship to the equipment.

Emergency Response Services
In the event of a critical incident, you can leverage Motivair’s network of service representatives. They will assess the situation to determine if your equipment can be repaired, reconditioned, or replaced.

Motivair’s team of technicians will bring in-depth knowledge of your system and equipment, as well as the ability to solve operating problems in any mission critical environment.

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