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October 31st, 2023

Motivair Unveils New Logo & Identity, Marking Next Era

BUFFALO, NY (Nov. 1) — Motivair Corporation has been integral with cooling data-driven daily necessities, mission-critical processes, & groundbreaking innovations for more than 30 years. In recognition of these relationships, the company today announced its new logo.

The company’s profile has evolved over the last decade and is synonymous with cooling some of the most advanced technology on the planet, like the world's first and fastest exascale supercomputer.

The new Motivair logo reflects a more modern look with key elements that convey our mission to deliver reliable products and services to clients, partners, and employees, while remaining true to its more than 30-year reputation.

"Our goal was to better align our best-in-class technological performance with our mission, values, and the clients we serve, while continuing driving the brand forward," Motivair CEO & President Rich Whitmore said. "This new logo reflects who we are today and symbolizes our dynamic future."

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The new brand identity will be unveiled at SC23, The International Conference for High Performance Computing, which will be held on Nov 12-17 in Denver, Colorado.
Initial elements of Motivair's brand evolution include:

New Logo: As the prominent representation of the company, its people and brand, the new logo is modern, optimistic, and smart. Inspired by the clients we serve and the cutting-edge technology we enable, the logo has been modified to include an underscore beneath the M in Motivair, a touchstone signifying our essential position as a leader in cooling technologies.

New Brand Colors: The range of fresh colors speaks to the diversity and richness of where you can find our products, all working together to move technology and innovation forward.

New Website: The website reflects the growth of our company, technology and product portfolio and is designed to inspire and further elevate the Motivair brand as the company continues providing world-class cooling technology and client services.

Motivair designs, engineers, and services liquid cooling and data center cooling infrastructure, enabling tomorrow's advanced technology. Based in Buffalo, NY, leveraging over 30 years of insights and innovations, it supports customers' progressive needs, ranging from cooling artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, cloud and colocation data centers, and other mission-critical applications.

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