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February 3rd, 2021

Four Ways 24/7 Monitoring Impacts Your Business

Imagine having real-time access to your chiller’s performance data, regardless of your location. With a few clicks, you can view important parameters, troubleshoot system settings, and monitor non-critical alarms.

Whether you are heating and cooling an office building, manufacturing PPE, cooling orthopedic suites or a hyperscale datacenter you need exceptional performance and peace of mind so you can run your business.

With Motivair’s Centurion Monitoring System, owners and operators can take comfort in knowing there are safeguards in place to proactively monitor the critical infrastructure that propels their business.

Centurion is a cellular-based cloud monitoring system offering real-time mission critical performance through an exchange of encrypted data between the owner and chiller.

It is a read-only program, so malware commands cannot be sent to equipment disrupting a specific process. Additionally, the system does not require an IP address, so it can operate outside a firewall and not impact a building management system.

The system is backed by the security of AWS cloud services and T-Mobile/AT&T cellular networks. It is available on all Motivair chillers with PLC controls.

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The Centurion Monitoring System essentially puts factory technician boots on the ground at your chiller regardless of location. Our system allows for factory support from startup, commissioning & integrated systems testing; even when travel bans occur (like many businesses are experiencing with the covid-19 pandemic).

For routine maintenance calls and troubleshooting, it reduces a technician’s time on site since Motivair can help go through parameters, settings, and timings, while the technician is investigating the physical aspects of the equipment.

In the instance of a critical alarm, Motivair will receive a notification that there is a service event with your chiller.

Our ability to pre-diagnose your equipment in advance of hands-on support allows on-site technicians to be more efficient and get your equipment up and running faster.

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Centurion’s robust data trending capabilities provides valuable information not only for scheduled maintenance intervals but to help prevent service events before they occur. This is the ultimate goal for any modern preventative maintenance program.

Motivair’s Service Team can trend and optimize your chiller’s parameter configurations on a per application basis, providing less wear and tear on critical equipment. Examples of monitored parameters include:

  • Compressor starts and stops
  • Overall compressor hours
  • Pump run hours
  • Outlet water temperature

Motivair's Support Team is available to assist you or your local service provider with technical support, spare parts, warranty support and scheduling maintenance.

For the quickest service and support, open a service ticket within Motivair’s Service Portal.

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