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May 2nd, 2019

Motivair and Dell are Turning Insights Into Actions

Motivair’s Sales Team took advantage of opportunities for 1×1 meetings with Dell EMC executives and technical staff at its recent Dell EMC HPC Community Meeting, sharing insights on liquid cooling solutions, impacts to the HPC environment, and more.

This meeting focused on the shared challenges of developing and using HPC systems through a combination of presentations, discussions, and networking sessions with HPC leaders.

Our team shared and gained some great insights for what’s ahead with the HPC world. Most notably, our Sales Director Kevin Werely came away with this analysis:

There was a lot of discussion on 250W CPU’s, and higher on the road map, the importance of cooling as chip wattage continues to rise.

Higher wattage CPUs are driving up average rack density. With higher rack density, you will need a liquid cooling solution. Coolant Distribution Units (CDUs) can also help serve as a bridge for liquid cooling as they are an integral role in the process.

  • Cooling capacities up to 1.25 MW
  • Standard In-rack & floor mount models available
  • Custom OEM solutions available
  • For use with direct-to-chip or ChilledDoors

While the industry is pushing rack densities higher, HPC data center operators remain hesitant to take the jump to direct liquid unless it is necessary.

Traditional data centers have sufficient power, space, and cooling. Introducing direct liquid cooling at the server level introduces unnecessary complexities including serviceability and limited hardware availability at a higher cost.

The ChilledDoor removes 100% of the heat with warm water. With its rack and server agnostic design, it is easier to service IT equipment and simple to deploy in retrofit applications.

Continued focus on the growth of big data, AI, machine and deep learning applications in all kinds of industries from manufacturing to nuclear physics.

The rapid adoption of these applications can be attributed, in some part, to the ROI seen in HPC investments. According to IDC, a global market intelligence and research firm, companies that invest in HPC see “very substantial returns”:

  • $673 dollars on average in revenue per dollar of HPC invested
  • $44 dollars on average of profits (or cost savings) per dollar of HPC invested

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