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January 23rd, 2023

Motivair to Exhibit at AHR 2023 in Atlanta

ATLANTA – Motivair Corporation, a global leader and innovator in cooling digital infrastructure and mission critical applications, will exhibit at the 2023 AHR Expo at Booth #B1231.

The event, Feb. 6-8 in Atlanta, Georgia, is the world’s largest HVACR show attracting over 100,000 attendees who are interested is seeing the industry’s latest products, technologies, and ideas.

Stop at booth #B1231 to learn how Motivair is delivering reliable cooling technology that enables the world to solve complex thermal challenges and advances in technology, business, and science.
Additional Information Available at AHR 2022:

New Refrigerant Options for Mission-Critical Chillers: Certain higher-GWP HFC refrigerants like R410A or R134a will be phased out in most new refrigeration and air conditioning applications come 2024. Discover what new options you can take advantage of.

End-to-End Liquid Cooling Systems: Motivair’s End-to-End Direct Liquid Cooling Systems provide a single-sourced, direct-to-chip, liquid cooling solution for increasing CPU, GPU, and FPGA power densities. All liquid cooling products, including Motivair’s new Dynamic Cold Plates™, are designed and manufactured in the USA for the world’s most advanced HPC, AI and Exascale-class systems.
Motivair’s ChilledDoor®: an active rear-door heat exchanger that cools rack densities up to 75 kW per rack. It is a leader in high efficiency and high-density server rack cooling systems for small, medium, and larger data centers.

Motivair’s extensive range of Thermal Management, Direct Liquid Cooling, and Data Center & IT Cooling technology provides mission critical businesses and innovation leaders reliable cooling technology helping shape our world. Motivair’s cooling technology supports vital industries like pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing, food processing, automotive manufacturing, next-generation computer servers and data centers.

About Motivair Corporation
Motivair works with its customers to solve the world’s most complex thermal challenges. We enable industry leaders to push the boundaries of what’s possible by leveraging over 35 years of insights and innovations creating dependable Mission Critical Cooling Systems. Based in Buffalo NY, Motivair creates, develops, and manufactures a portfolio of specialty HVAC chillers and high-density supercomputer cooling systems that cool vital industries and propel the world’s most prominent and advanced technology companies.

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