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June 4th, 2024

COMPUTEX: Motivair showcases DLC technology with GIGABYTE

The Computex 2024 tradeshow kicked off a whirlwind of innovation and industry milestones. One of the standout moments was NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang's visit to Motivair's strategic partner, Gigabyte's booth.

This visit not only underscored the significance of direct liquid cooling (DLC) in high-performance computing but also marked a memorable event when Huang autographed Motivair's cutting-edge cooling technology display.

Jensen Huang's Speech at Computex 2024
During his keynote speech at Computex 2024, Jensen Huang highlighted the rapid advancements in AI and computing technology, emphasizing NVIDIA's role in shaping the future. He discussed the latest breakthroughs in AI-driven applications and the growing demand for powerful, energy-efficient computing solutions.

Huang also unveiled new NVIDIA products designed to push the boundaries of what is possible in AI and data processing, stressing the importance of collaboration within the tech ecosystem to drive innovation forward.

Huang's speech resonated with the theme of transformation and progress, celebrating the collaborative efforts that propel the industry. His speech underscores the critical role of advanced cooling technologies like those developed by Motivair and Gigabyte will play in maintaining the performance and reliability of next-generation AI and HPC systems.

This focus on sustainability and efficiency aligns with the broader industry goals of reducing the environmental impact of data centers while meeting the escalating computational demands.

Gigabyte and Motivair's DLC Partnership
The partnership between Gigabyte and Motivair represents a significant advancement in the field of direct liquid cooling (DLC) for high-performance computing.

Announced recently, this collaboration aims to deliver state-of-the-art cooling solutions that enhance the efficiency and performance of data centers. Motivair's DLC technology, integrated with

Gigabyte's server infrastructure, offers a robust solution capable of handling the intense heat loads generated by modern AI and HPC applications.

The combined expertise of Motivair and Gigabyte promises to set new standards in cooling solutions, addressing the critical needs of the industry and paving the way for future advancements.

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