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November 15th, 2021

Motivair Launches In-Rack HDU

BUFFALO, NY – Motivair Corporation, a global leader and innovator in IT and Electronics Cooling, announces the availability of its In-Rack Heat Dissipation Unit™ (HDU). The latest model, which officially launches at SC21 in St. Louis (Booth #2601), is an in-rack alternative to its full line of HDUs for adapting air-cooled data centers to liquid cooling.

Motivair’s In-Rack HDU delivers mission-critical liquid cooling where facility water is not available. It comes in two models: MHDU 10 and MHDU 15, with cooling capacities up to 10 kW and 15 kW respectively.

Unlike a Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU) that rejects heat from the server rack to the chilled water loop of the building, a Heat Dissipation Unit (HDU) rejects the server heat from the server rack to the white space where building air conditioning would then remove that heat.

This in-rack unit circulates fluid to direct liquid-cooled cold plate technology, cooling designated chips and rejecting removed heat to the surrounding air. With N+1 redundancy on all critical components and hot-swappable fans, it is designed to operate in a production data center environment.

In addition, the HDU 10 or 15 models may be used in a laboratory environment with an optional bypass attachment that allows for controlled flow down to 1 lpm. Its compact footprint and caster mounted design allow you to move it to selected test stand areas as needed.

Motivair’s Floor Mount HDU cools capacities up to 144 kW.

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