Motivair Cool News

January 12th, 2023

Motivair launches Dynamic™ Cold Plate for AMD Instinct MI300

On the heels of AMD’s unveiling of it newest next gen processor, Motivair is pleased to announce its latest cold plate designed for AMD’s Instinct MI300 chip.

AMD revealed its new next gen processor at CES 2023 Friday, Jan. 6, touting it as the world’s first integrated data center CPU and GPU.

Optimized for cost efficient and scalable production, Motivair’s Dynamic™ Cold Plates are engineered specifically for enterprise-class servers and high-performance computing, including Exascale era supercomputers. They are designed to cool complex Heterogeneous System Architectures comprised of different chiplets or tiles with integrated and stacked HBM.

• Thermally targeted cold plate technology that’s unique for each processor SKU
• Scalable performance designed to enable multiple product generation roadmaps

AMD’s Instinct MI300 chips will be its first 3D stacked APU design combining up to 24 Zen 4 EPYC cores with CDNA 3 GPU cores and on-die HBM3 memory. The power rating for this chip is expected to clock in around 600W, according to published reports.

According to Tom’s Hardware, AMD’s MI300’s “3D design allows for incredible data throughput between the CPU, GPU and memory dies while also allowing the CPU and GPU to work on the same data in memory simultaneously (zero-copy), which saves power, boosts performance, and simplifies programming.”

AMD’s Instinct MI300 will also power El Capitan, an HPE-built, AMD-powered exascale system for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s (LLNL) scheduled for a 2023 deployment. It’s expected to deliver at least 2 exaflops of peak performance.

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