Motivair Cool News

August 22nd, 2019

Helping Transform Today's Supercomputer

The Vermont Advanced Computing Core (VACC) unveiled a major supercomputer upgrade July 31. Powered by Motivair’s Data Center and IT Cooling technology, the new computing cluster, DeepGreen, can achieve a speed of over 1 petaflop.

The university installed Motivair’s ChilledDoor Rack Cooling System to help cool DeepGreen. According to HPC Wire, the university also added a cluster of 80 high performance graphics processing units, or GPUs, containing 460,000 processing cores.

Achieving a speed of over a petaflop, according to the article, is equivalent to one thousand million million computations per second, the equivalent of 20,000 laptop computers working in tandem.

DeepGreen is now one of the fastest supercomputers in New England and one of the 100 fastest academic supercomputers in the country, according to the report.

Motivair’s ChilledDoors, along with its CDUs, can be found in several Top 500 Supercomputing installations.

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