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April 18th, 2019

Motivair's Forecast for ASHRAE TC 9.9's 'Perfect Storm'

The industry authority on power & cooling trends and best practices has recommended “the urgent need to prepare for liquid cooling technologies now.”

ASHRAE TC9.9, in an early April briefing titled “The Advancement of Liquid Cooled Solutions: The Perfect Storm Brewing”said it drew this conclusion to “accelerate the preparedness and readiness of the industry.”

“While water has always been the primary waste heat transport out of most buildings, it is once again creeping closer and closer to the electronics. From the perimeter, it moved to the row,” the brief said. “From the row, it moved to the rack with rear door heat exchangers. And some have started cooling within the server at the chip. When looking at the industry over a longer period, it is not merely evolving; it is repeating.”

Rich Whitmore, Motivair Cooling Solutions CEO, applauded the technical committee’s brief, noting data center cooling has been evolving over the last 15-20 years.

“In order to take advantage of processing levels being put out by today’s servers, it’s paramount to have proper cooling technology in place. We cannot underscore enough the importance liquid cooling plays in advancing and maintaining optimal data center performance. That’s why our ChilledDoors and Coolant Distribution Unit technology have become key components in the evolution of data center cooling.”

In its briefing, the committee highlighted the following factors as reasons to adopt liquid cooling: Disruption from workload type; Data center infrastructure limitations; Energy reduction; Reduced capital; and Waste Heat Reuse.

“As experts and industry authorities in the field of electronics cooling, the return to liquid is imminent; it’s back to the future. Engage with the IT manufacturers and equipment providers to make plans for water soon, ” the committee said, in its report.

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