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November 28th, 2023

Accelerating Climate Action with Data Center Liquid Cooling

COP28, the annual international climate summit convened by the United Nations, will take place this Thursday and run through December 12, 2023. As the international community descends on Dubai this year, the summit will help continue charting a course of action to dramatically reduce emissions and protect the planet.

Among the strategies available to data center operators is the implementation of direct liquid cooling, a method that can help reduce emissions and position businesses for greater environmental benefits. Here are five ways liquid cooling can be integrated into sustainability and climate goals:

Enhanced Energy Efficiency: Liquid cooling systems have the potential to be more energy-efficient than traditional air-cooling methods. By effectively dissipating heat from servers, liquid cooling aids overall energy conservation within data centers, aligning with the objective of reducing the carbon footprint associated with their operations.

Integration with Renewable Energy: When coupled with renewable energy sources, liquid cooling becomes a tool for improving the sustainability of data centers. The adoption of liquid cooling technology can complement endeavors to power data centers using clean and renewable energy, thereby further decreasing their environmental impact.

Reduced Water Consumption: Liquid cooling systems, in comparison to traditional cooling methods, use less water. Given the environmental concerns related to water scarcity, data centers embracing water-efficient liquid cooling systems contribute to sustainable water management practices.

Contribution to Carbon Neutrality Goals: Liquid cooling can be an integral component of a comprehensive strategy for data centers to attain carbon neutrality. When combined with renewable energy sources, energy-efficient equipment, and initiatives for carbon offsetting, liquid cooling plays a role in the overall sustainability of data center operations.

International Collaboration and Standardization: COP events typically involve discussions on international collaboration and the formulation of standards for sustainable practices. Liquid cooling technologies and best practices can be shared among countries and organizations to establish common standards for environmentally friendly operations in data centers.

With the escalating demand for digital services, identifying methods to enhance the energy efficiency and environmental friendliness of data centers is imperative for realizing global climate objectives outlined in conferences like COP28.

The primary aim of COP28 is to evaluate worldwide endeavors to keep the target of limiting global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels achievable, a commitment established by 195 countries in the Paris Agreement in 2015.

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