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May 9th, 2023

Dell: Single-Phase DLC Most Effective Cooling Solution

A recent Dell Technologies study shows single-phase direct liquid cooling the most thermally effective compared to four other data center cooling methods, highlighting a potential pathway for better sustainability and increased efficiencies.

The study, titled “Performance Comparison of Five Data Center Server Thermal Management Technologies” by Dell technologists tested thermal models of leading data center cooling technologies including: Air cooling, Single-phase immersion, Two-phase immersion, Two-phase direct liquid cooling, Single-phase direct liquid cooling.

Sever CPU & GPU temperatures have steadily increased in the last three-to-five years. Some are currently hitting up to 500 watts per socket, the report noted, and AI & machine learning workloads have accelerated GPU power to 700 watts with 1,000 watts forecasted.

While each method has its own unique attributes and qualities, the study found single-phase direct liquid cooling the most effective, the report said.

“While we recognize there are various solutions that can be used, single phase, water-based coolants can address the vast majority of global demand,” Motivair Corporation CEO Rich Whitmore said, on the Dell study. “Single-phase direct liquid cooling has proven to be a scalable, efficient, and reliable solution that is easily adoptable and effective for semiconductor and sever manufacturers, and the data center industry.”

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