Motivair Cool News

June 26th, 2019

ChilledDoors Cool Top 5 Fastest US Academic Supercomputer

Mississippi State University will begin operating a high performance computer named Orion. Cooled by Motivair’s ChilledDoors, it will support NOAA research and development.

“We’re happy to continue working with our strategic partners in helping some of the country’s finest institutions leverage cutting-edge HPC technology for real-world research solutions,” Motivair CEO Rich Whitmore said.

The NOAA-funded Dell-EMC system will add 5 petaflops of computing capacity to its existing 10.5 petaflops, currently operating at various locations across the country, according to a press release from NOAA.

Orion is MSU’s largest supercomputer, according to published reports. It was recently ranked as the 4th fastest academic supercomputer in the US and the 62nd fastest supercomputer in the world by the Top500 Supercomputer Site list.

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