Who We Are

Motivair Corporation was founded in 1988 by Graham Whitmore following 20 years in the computer room air conditioning and refrigeration industries. He believed there was a better way to design, produce and market new technologies in a relatively mature market segment.


At inception, our primary focus was on refrigeration dryers, heat exchangers, cooling systems and filtration packages for stationary air and gas compressors. Over time Motivair expanded its product range to include a full range of water chillers and cooling systems for a variety of industries.

Today, Motivair is a globally recognized supplier for specialty chillers and cooling systems. We keep production lines running 24×7 at Ford, General Motors and Toyota plants with our large capacity CWD Refrigeration Compressed Air Dryers. We cool pizza dough mixers so our customer can truly live up to its motto of “Better Ingredients, Better Pizza”. We cool nuclear power plants, art museums and university libraries. We cool the data centers of fortune 100 and 500 companies using our proprietary Free-Cooling chiller technology. We cool high powered server racks that process billions of dollars a year of online e-commerce auctions with our Chilled Door® technology. We cool the world’s most advanced Super Computer clusters ever made that are used for critical weather research and computational mathematics. These are just some of markets where Motivair is proud to be a cooling solution provider.


We continue to invest in state of the art technology and good people. At Motivair we are grateful for where we are today and know that our success has been achieved by hard work & dedication. Our investment in a new 40,000 sqft facility in 2011 was preparation for expanded production in Buffalo, NY. Key personnel hires in both engineering and management have helped us pave a roadmap for continued growth in sales and profitability. Motivair’s future looks bright and we look forward to our continued path of success.

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