Unmatched Mission Critical Technology. Reliable 24/7 Operation

Imagine: An industrial mining facility that on average accumulates more than 40 feet of snowfall in a year and sits at an elevation of 3,500 feet above sea level and can reach temperatures as low as -30°F.

The immense annual snowfall, combined with subzero winter temperatures, site elevation, and aggressive industrial environment requires unmatched mission critical technology that can provide reliable 24/7 operation.


Because of this facility’s remote location, inclement weather, and harsh industrial environment an industrial grade integrated free cooling chiller that could reliably operate outdoors year-round was a critical component to the jobsite.

Due to the heavy snowfall, the chillers were placed under a canopy to prevent the units from being buried with snow and starving them of air flow for the condenser.  The height of the canopy is only 3 feet from the top of the chiller, which would recirculate the hot discharge air from the condenser fans.   The combination of the environment and installation location on the job site presented a challenge that would be unfavorable to the reliable operation of a commercial grade chiller.


For one global water treatment technologies company, Motivair was able to provide tailored chillers to help their operation perform at peak capacity despite the harsh winters and aggressive environment.

The custom chiller is used to cool an ozone generator. Ozone is commonly used for water purification for industrial sites that don’t have access to municipal water, but also for entire cities and townships.

Ozone is formed from oxygen by electrical discharges or ultraviolet light. Unlike normal oxygen (O2), ozone has three atoms in its molecule (O3). Ozone can be used in various stages of water treatment due to its oxidation and disinfecting qualities.

One of the added benefits of working with Motivair is their ability to design and create optimized performance packages that can tailor Free Cooling output and efficiencies to best suit the customer’s unique needs.

Motivair designed two 41-inch tall custom ducts for the chillers, which were placed under an industrial canopy. The custom ducting prevented air recirculation that could affect the chiller’s cooling capacity.  To ensure proper airflow, high static EC (Electronically Commutated) condenser fans were used to overcome the pressure loss of the duct.

Additionally, due to the corrosive environment, condenser coils in the chiller received a special electro fin coating to prevent corrosion. The main control cabinet was upgraded from NEMA 3R to a NEMA 4X enclosure complete with its own closed loop cooling system. This helped protect Motivair’s best-in-class technology from harsh environments.

The chiller was also fitted with a thermal storage reservoir to function as a buffer tank, as well as circulation pumps to move the process flow to the ozone generator and back to the chiller, along with a glycol fill system and a system expansion tank.

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