Nasa Blasts Off With ChilledDoor Technology

Nasa’s Goddard Space Flight Center HPC Expansion Featuring Motivair’s ChilledDoor® Technology Recently Completed

NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center recently completed commissioning on its expansion of advanced computing and data analytics used to study the Earth, solar system and universe.

This fully integrated HPC cluster solution is equipped with Motivair’s ChilledDoor Rack Cooling System to handle higher density heat loads while maximizing the cooling efficiency for improved PUE.

Custom designed by Motivair, the doors feature sweeping views of the earth, sun and the solar system. This is just one of many custom design options that can be incorporated into Motivair cooling solutions.

This project was in partnership with Supermicro Computer, Inc., and NASA Center for Climate Simulation (NCCS). The NCCS is part of the Computational and Information Sciences and Technology Office (CISTO) of Goddard Space Flight Center’s (GSFC) Sciences and Exploration Directorate.

Its mission is to enable scientists to increase their understanding of the Earth, the solar system, and the universe by supplying a range of advanced computing and data analytics solutions.

As a significant part of accomplishing this mission, the NCCS provides high-performance computing (HPC) engines, mass storage, and network solutions to meet the specialized needs of NASA’s Earth and space science user communities.

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