MPC-A High Ambient Process Chiller for PET Plastic Bottle Production


Motivair Corporation, based in Buffalo, New York, a global leader in Mission Critical Chillers and Cooling Systems announced the installation of a Process Cooling Chiller and Industrial Pump Station at GEPack’s new PET Plastic Packaging Production facility in Peoria, Arizona.

With commercial headquarters in Averias De Cima, Portugal and a new facility in Peoria, Arizona (USA), GEPack continues its growth with a 12,000 square foot PET plastic bottling production facility.

Motivair was contracted to supply a high ambient process chiller to produce chilled water for the new PET molding machines.  A Motivair MPC-A 8000 process chiller was selected to produce 60 tons of cooling capacity on a design day ambient of 110F.  The chiller was equipped with an oversized condenser coil to ensure reliable operation in extreme desert heat.  Additionally, the main chiller control cabinet was designed with its own closed loop cooling system to keep critical electronic components within operating specifications.   A Motivair Industrial Pump Station was used to create a Primary/Secondary process cooling system.  Two sets to of redundant pumps were used to guarantee flow for both the outdoor loop (Primary) and indoor loop (secondary) systems.  The pump station also included a 2,500 gallon, stainless steel storage tank which creates system volume for the process that can vary in load profile during the PET production process.

The project highlights Motivair’s strengths in the process cooling market for a wide range of industries and a continued focus on customers with a global footprint.


About Motivair Corporation

Motivair Corporation, based in Buffalo, NY (USA), is a globally recognized supplier of specialty chillers and cooling systems providing innovative solutions for customers in industrial, commercial, public and private sectors around the world. For more information, visit


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