Motivair CDU featured in NREL Study


Motivair Cooling Solutions’ Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU) was featured in a recent National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Fixed Cold Plate study.

Aquila, as part of a partnership with Sandia National Laboratories, deployed its fixed cold plate, liquid-cooled Aquarius rack solution for HPC clustering at NREL’s Energy Systems Integration Facility (ESIF).

“This study highlights the role Motivair is playing with some of the world’s most innovative technology companies,” Motivair CEO Rich Whitmore said. “As the high-performance computing market segment continues to advance, industry leaders are looking to us for the design and manufacture of the liquid cooling systems that allow these HPC systems to operate at peak levels.”

According to the report, “this new fixed cold plate, warm-water cooling technology together with a manifold design provides easy access to service nodes and eliminates the need for server auxiliary fans altogether.”

“In building the data center, NREL’s vision was to create a showcase facility that demonstrates best practices in data center sustainability and serves as an exemplar for the community,” the report said. “The innovation was realized by adopting a holistic ‘chips to bricks’ approach to the data center, focusing on three critical aspects of data center sustainability: (1) efficiently cool the information technology equipment using direct, component-level liquid cooling with a power usage effectiveness design target of 1.06 or better; (2) capture and reuse the waste heat produced; and (3) minimize the water used as part of the cooling process.”

Motivair custom-designed a 4U rack CDU for this HPC cluster.

“The 4U rack CDU was custom designed to meet the Aquarius warm-water flow and pressure specifications for 230-VAC, single-phase, 60-Hz power input. Operating power draw is approximately 750 W to 800 W,” the report said. “This pumping power easily cools the heat generated by the 36 compute nodes, transferring the heat to the facility warm-water loop at NREL. For multiple rack installations, end-of-row rack CDUs can be deployed to distribute and manage flow to the Aquarius liquid manifolds.”

About Motivair Cooling Solutions

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