Going the extra mile – Motivair’s 100+ Point QC Inspection


When customers order a Motivair chiller, they expect to receive a high-quality product specifically designed to meet their application needs. Whether it’s a mission critical chiller cooling a data center or a process chiller keeping a facility running smoothly, end users rely on Motivair to supply a product that will meet or exceed their expectations.

So how does Motivair ensure its customers will receive the best of the best? Motivair puts every chiller and cooling system through its extensive 100+ Point Quality Control Inspection before leaving its Buffalo, NY facility. Even though Motivair units are designed and engineered at the highest quality, the products are thoroughly tested and inspected by its knowledgeable team before they are released for shipment. Every component – from the electrical wiring to the serial number – must pass Motvair’s 100+ Point Quality Control Inspection to ensure its customers are receiving a superior product and exactly what was ordered.

While not required to perform these final checks, Motivair chooses to spend the time confirming each unit is designed according to plan and working properly. This in-depth QC program is just another way in that Motivair stands behind its products and sets itself apart from others in the market.


QC Inspection 50+QC Inspection Motivair QC Inspection

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