Canada’s largest wireless provider calls on Motivair® Free Cooling chillers

Motivair Corporation, based in Buffalo, New York (USA) and a global leader in specialty chillers and cooling systems, recently completed the commissioning of Rogers Communications’ two (2) Free Cooling chillers that provide N+1 redundancy in one individual chiller cabinet.

The MLC-FC 510’s each have two independent refrigerant circuits, which encompass their own individual integrated “Free Cooling”/condenser coil, screw compressor, shell and tube evaporator, glycol circulation pump, and advanced PLC control system. For reliable operation, each circuit has a dedicated power supply as well as inlet/outlet glycol piping. These circuits run independently of themselves to offer redundant on-call cooling in the footprint of one chiller.

Data centers and other mission critical facilities located in areas with cooler climates can take advantage of “free cooling” for optimal energy savings. How? Motivair® Free Cooling chillers harness outdoor ambient air to stage down or stage off refrigeration compressors during cooler seasonal weather. Allowing compressors to turn off for long periods of time during winter months creates less wear and tear on the refrigeration system over time. Utilizing a Free Cooling chiller can allow for a significant increase in data center PUE (efficiency) and overall system uptime, a distinct advantage over standard commercial grade chillers.

To further improve efficiencies, each circuit provides a 55°F water and glycol mixture to the cooling coils serving the white space. By elevating the supply water temperature (from the typical 45°F), the chillers are able to stage down and turn off their compressors at warmer ambient conditions. This allows for an increase of 22% of available annual “free cooling” hours.

About Motivair Corporation
Motivair Corporation, based in Buffalo, NY (USA), is a globally recognized supplier of specialty chillers and cooling systems. Since 1988, Motivair has provided innovative solutions for customers in industrial, commercial, public and private sectors around the world. For more information, visit

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