Motivair Cooling Solutions

Liquid Cooling Systems for High-Performance Computing

Market demands & technological advances are driving a growing need to use liquid-cooled servers. Artificial Intelligence. Big Data. Internet of Things. Remote work. Hyper-converged Infrastructure. These technologies are accelerating, and with them the need for increasing CPU, GPU, & FPGA power densities.

Motivair’s Liquid Cooling Technology allows you to leverage increased processing power while using less energy and space than traditional air-cooled systems.

Increased Processing Power

Gain More Efficieny

Lower Operating Costs

Data Center & Liquid Cooling Portfolio

Motivair’s End-to-End Cooling Solutions for High-Performance Computing, Data Centers & IT Infrastructure are an all-in-one liquid cooling solution, providing products and the post-sales service for the entire lifetime of your cooling infrastructure. We leverage over 30 years of experience in mission critical cooling to deliver:

  • Expert Installation and Start-Up Services for Mission Critical Facilities or Processes
  • Cutting-Edge Technology Providing Maximum Uptime
  • Reliable Post-Sales Support and Maintenance

Thermal Strategies & Technologies for ​Comprehensive End-to-End Solutions

Fueled by ever-rising consumer need for e-commerce, big data applications, and the explosive growth of artificial intelligence, businesses need to find ways to leverage high-performance computing now for enterprise operations to deliver on big demands.​

But having the latest technology isn’t enough.​

That’s only one link in the high-performance computing chain, designed to accelerate your business operations. With each new technological advancement or data center refresh cycle comes a new need for power to drive that innovation.​

The latest generation of CPUs are consuming over 300 watts, and soon will be using upwards of 500-750 watts, and 1000 watts packages are already being designed. The limits of air cooling are here and gone.​

Unfortunately, no sever or computer chip is future-proof. But how you cool it can be. You just need to implement the right End-to-End Liquid Cooling solution.​

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