Centricor Chillers

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Centricor Chillers

The Motivair MLT chiller range features the world-renowned Turbocor centrifugal compressor. Designed with aerospace technology, the Turbocor compressor offers unparalleled performance in efficiency, sound level and reliability.

With energy usage between 30%-50% less than traditional compressors, the Turbocor option creates new opportunities for ultra high efficiency chiller designs from Motivair.

  • 60-350 Ton Models, featuring Magnetic Centrifugal Compressor Technology
  • Oil-Free Magnetic Bearings
  • Variable Frequency Drive Speed Control
  • Integrated Electronic Package
  • Soft Start Module
  • Low Noise

Key Industries: Data Center • Healthcare• Commercial Buildings • HVAC • Life Science • Government • Colocation Data Center • Higher Education

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Free Cooling chillers from Motivair feature a proprietary coil design that functions as a condenser during summer months and a water side economizing coil during cooler seasonal weather. This feature alone sets the Motivair systems apart from others in the industry who aim to stack coils or bolt on separate coils resulting in lower efficiencies and after market service challenges. Additional product highlights include variable speed drive condenser fans with heavy duty fan blades and low noise packages that can greatly reduce operating noise.
  • Variable Speed Oil Free Compressor
  • Increased part load efficiencies
  • Improved load control
  • Startup Current of 2 amps
  • EC Fan Motors
  • Flooded Evaporator
  • Integrated Free Cooling

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