Remote Monitoring Available Using Motivair’s Centurion System

Did you know Motivair Corporation offers an optional remote monitoring system for its chillers? Available on select Motivair chillers as an optional feature, Motivair’s Centurion Monitoring System provides a range of safeties and access to critical data.

The monitoring system empowers the owner by offering fully transparent exchange of data between the owner and chiller from a remote location via cellular service, outside of the customer’s firewall.

It provides peace of mind that if the chiller is operating in an unsafe condition or in the unlikely event of a system alarm, three (3) owner designated contacts and the factory are immediately notified by the chiller of its condition via email or text alert.  The pending alarm condition can then be avoided or corrected.

In addition, there is no charge for monitoring service provided by factory for the first year of operation.

Features include:
  • Data trending
  • Password protected multi-level access
  • Adjustable warning thresholds to alert the owner that operation is reaching a critical limit


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