Motivair President & CEO Discusses Current State and Future Opportunities for Cooling in HPC and Data Center Market


Motivair Corporation’s President & CEO Rich Whitmore was recently interviewed by Keely Portway about current and future cooling trends for High Performance Computing and data center applications.  The full article, which appeared in the April/May issue of Scientific Computing World, can be read here.

Portway discusses the ever-changing data center market and notes recent advancements, including the race for exascale computing and the advances in the design of CPUs and GPUs, which drive the need for effective and efficient cooling solutions.

When asked about the rapid changes in the market and how cooling providers are tasked to innovate at a much faster rate, Rich Whitmore said: “These systems are being installed at sites that are frequently unprepared for today’s dense compute nodes. Because of this, the applied cooling solution must be flexible in design and scalable in nature.”

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