Better Ingredients, Better Pizza….Better Chillers

Driven by continued growth and an exceptional dedication to high quality, Papa John’s made an investment in their most important ingredient, their pizza dough. Continued expansion had left its two dough production facilities, one in Texas and one in Kentucky, pushed to their limits. Motivair was asked to design new Low Temperature Chillers to help bring their batch cooling technology up to date and to aid in speeding up overall pizza dough production times.

Dough quality and product consistency is imperative to the Papa John’s business model. Additionally, a reliable supply chain to an increasing number of franchisees is critical to bottom line growth. Unanticipated stoppages in dough production can leave stores with limited supplies so having “Industrial Grade” chillers was a logical choice.

Each Motivair Industrial Process Chiller was designed to deliver 37 tons of net cooling per facility rated at 0^F outlet glycol and a 104^F Ambient. The chillers include dual refrigeration circuits for added reliability as well as redundant primary process pumps, each with individual variable frequency drives. Start-up and commissioning was performed by Motivair’s factory technicians to ensure a seamless transition to the new cooling system.

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