Designed with a Purpose

Whoever said cooling systems are boring certainly hasn’t seen a Motivair unit.  With endless custom color options, Motivair’s pump stations, chillers and even its ChilledDoor® Rack Cooling Systems are anything but dull.

Our units are typically intended for a very specific application, and sometimes that requires some custom “flair” in terms of color and design.  The customer may request that the chiller match other equipment on-site, or a specific paint color may be needed to keep a rooftop unit in line with residential codes.  And sometimes a custom design is purely cosmetic so a data center can be not only functional, but look “cool”.  Whatever the reason, Motivair can provide custom color solutions for of any kind application.

Need some inspiration?  See what Motivair has delivered to some of our customers:

Custom Pump Skid for Factory

One customer was looking for a pump skid to interconnect with other equipment in the facility.  For safety and streamlining purposes, the customer asked that specific components of the pump skid be painted to match their color coding used throughout the facility.  For example, the piping and expansion tank were painted tan, the skid was painted green and the control panel was painted blue.

Custom Chillers to meet regulatory code

Motivair also has experience with entire chillers being painted to meet government codes.  For example, one rooftop unit required a specific paint color to meet residential code requirements.  Another unit was required to be painted in a very specific color in order to blend in with other equipment on a military installation.  Our team works with special materials to coat the exterior of the chiller so that performance and durability are not compromised.

ChilledDoor® looks even “cooler” in color

Custom color applications go beyond paint.  While some customers ask Motivair to paint the sheet metal on our ChilledDoor® Rack Cooling System, others ask if our LED indicator lights can be customized.  The answer? Yes!  One university requested a specific color for its data center doors to show off its school pride.

Whatever the application, Motivair has a solution to meet your need.  Contact us today at to discuss your custom color design.

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