MSC and MHR Water Cooled
Heat Recovery Chillers

Water Cooled Heat Recovery Chiller

Heat Recovery Chiller Schematic

Motivair MSC and MHR Water Cooled Heat Recovery Chillers

MSC heat recovery chillers are available from 15 to 60 tons cooling capacity with 2 or 4 scroll compressors in 1 or 2 circuits. MHR heat recovery chillers from 75 to 450 tons feature 2 screw compressors in 2 circuits. All evaporators and condensers are shell and tube design for long life and easy maintenance. Noise suppression is available on all models and microprocessor or PLC controls are standard.

Heat Recovery System

Each MSC or MHR chiller can be supplied with a Motivair Heat Recovery System. This system incorporates a heat recovery exchanger piped in series with the standard water-cooled condenser. The Motivair heat recovery system allows the chiller to reclaim heat energy that is typically wasted and rejected via the chiller condenser. The heat recovery system can reclaim up to 90% of the system heat, allowing it to be redirected back into the building or process as a heat source. Standard hot water design is 115°F with optional hot water temperatures up to 140°F.

Dedicated Heat Recovery System

The MSC or MHR chillers range can also be applied as dedicated heat recovery systems. With this option, the primary goal of the chiller is to use the hot water leaving the condenser as a primary heating source while using the chilled water leaving the evaporator as a secondary chiller function. Heat Recovery exchangers as described above are no longer necessary as the standard chiller condensers are used for heating. Standard hot water temperatures can range from 115°F-140°F based on system design.

15-60 Ton Capacity Options:
  • Single or Double on board pump
  • Advanced PLC for LON or BacNET
  • Hot Gas Bypass System
  • Low Noise Package
60-450 Ton Capacity Options:
  • Advanced PLC for LON or BacNET Communication
  • Low Noise Package


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