High Density Rack Cooling

The ever-increasing heat densities in data processing centers have created a demand for reliable, high density rack cooling solutions. Motivair has addressed this market with the Chilled Door® High Density Rack Cooling System by providing up to 45 kW of cooling per rack while offering active control of both server heat loads and the data center itself. Designed to interact with our Free Cooling Chillers as well as other cooling sources, Motivair can now control data center cooling from the server racks to the central chiller plant. This single-source responsibility is unique in the data processing industry and allows customers to maximize their energy savings at the lowest capital cost. Check out our: Complete Analysis of High Density Rack Cooling


In a traditional CRAC chilled water system chilled water is supplied to CRAC units at 45°F, returning to chiller at 55°F.  The CRAC cools underfloor supply air to 60°F.  As a result of inadequate airflow through servers they can overheat and create hot-spots in the data center.  Enclosed cold aisles improve airflow but don’t solve the problem of high density rack cooling.  Chiller energy consumption is at maximum year-round and it is inefficient to chill water to 45°F for the purpose of cooling supply air to 60°F, which in turn cools the servers.

Traditional CRAC cooling of server racks

CRAC System


The Motivair Chilled Door® directly cools server exit air from ≈120°F to 75°F with a heat-neutral effect on the room and no requirement for CRAC units, raised floor or air handlers.  Chilled water is supplied at  65°F to the Chilled Door saving 33% in chiller energy costs (kW/ton).  Used for low, medium or high density rack cooling Chilled Door is compatible with any new or existing chilled water supply.  When combined with a Motivair Free Cooling chiller annual energy savings up to 93% are possible vs. traditional chilled water CRAC systems for rack cooling.

 Motivair Chilled Door® High Density Rack Cooling System


Active Rear Door