Free Cooling Chillers

Free Cooling Chiller System Schematic

Free Cooling Chiller System Schematic

Yearly Free Cooling Chiller Operation

Yearly Free Cooling Chiller Operation Chart

Motivair Free Cooling Chillers

Air cooled chillers with integrated Free Cooling System

Chiller standard features include:

  • Integrated Free Cooling system and coil with VFD fan speed control and Motivair Free Cooling software package. The Integrated Free Cooling system offers unmatched efficiencies using cold ambient air to pre-cool or completely cool the process load.
  • Single or Dual circulation pump(s) with TEFC motor and automatic pump rotation and change over
  • Reliable start-up and operation during low ambient conditions
  • Ideal for Process Cooling, IT Room/Data Center Cooling, MRI Cooling, CAT scan Cooling, Linear Accelerator Cooling, Surgery Suite Cooling & HVAC Cooling

Motivair MPC-FC Free Cooling Chillers: 1/2 - 50 Tons features include:

  • On board storage tank design for complete system volume holding capacity. Integral storage tank eliminates need for system tanks and allows the chiller to cycle off refrigeration compressors during reduced load operation
  • High efficiency Scroll compressors

Motivair MLC-FC Free Cooling Chillers: 60 - 350 Tons features include:

  • Rapid restart of refrigeration system in the event of building power failure. Free Cooling software with logical control sequence minimizes restart time if the chiller was operating at less than 100% load before power failure
  • High efficiency Screw compressors with stepped or variable capacity control. Standard R-134A refrigerant with alternatives available upon request
  • Optional Adiabatic system for improved capacity/performance in high elevation or low humidity areas.


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